Barbecue Tips and Techniques

  1. Your Traeger Pellet Grill should never be moved when it is hot. If you are transporting your grill in a vehicle after cooking on it, make sure the fire is completely out and the unit is completely cold before placing it in any vehicle. NEVER put water in the firepot. It will jam the auger.

  2. The Traeger Pellet Grill is designed to cook with the lid closed. Cooking with the lid open will dramatically lengthen your cooking time.

  3. Never add pellets by hand to a hot firepot. This is dangerous and you may get seriously burned. If you run out of fuel and lose your fire while cooking, let the unit completely cool and start all over again with auto-start or manual lighting procedure.

  4. Your Traeger comes with a three position cooking control board. It can be changed at any time to increase or decrease the temperature of your grill.
    • High is used for grilling. The auger runs all the time on high.
    • Medium is for slow cooking. The auger will run for 2 minutes and then shuts off for 2 minutes.
    • Smoke is for smoking foods and adding wood smoked flavor to the foods you cook. The auger runs for 1 minute and is off for 3 minutes. This creates a natural wood smoke flavor to your food. The SMOKE setting can also be used to “hold” foods at approximately 180 degrees-200 degrees.

  5. When estimating cooking times, remember that the outside temperature will dramatically alter your cooking times. If it is hot outside, it will take less time for food to cook. If it is cold, wet or windy, it will take longer for food to cook.

  6. Grease fires are caused by not properly maintaining your grill, or failing to clean your angled drip pan on a consistent basis. In the unlikely event you experience a grease fire while cooking, keep the lid closed. Never open the cooking chamber lid during a grease fire. If it does not go out, lightly sprinkle baking soda on the fire. Be careful not to burn yourself. If this does not work, then carefully remove the food from the unit (being careful not to burn yourself), turn the power switch off and shut the lid until the fire is completely out. When completely cool, remove the grill, replace the foil on the drip pan, reset the drip pan and cooking grill and resume cooking your food.