About Wood Smoked Products NZ

About Woodsmoked Products

Woodsmoked Products are owned and operated by the Woods family in Motueka, Nelson.  Tim and Liz Woods have had a string of very successful businesses spanning more than 30 years in the food and hospitality industries in both the USA and New Zealand.

After using America’s No.1 selling smoker BBQs,(Traeger Grills), Tim, being an American Chef and BBQ enthusiast, wanted to introduce Traeger’s wood pellet technology and revolutionise the BBQ industry in NZ.  So along with his wife Liz, decided to bring the Traeger way of “BBQing” to New Zealand.  

"A  great website is available to make the Traeger wood pellets and accessories available nationwide. When using these naturally flavoured wood pellets the flavour is second to none and are proven to cook with a flavour you can’t resist!”

Join them and experience a more versatile,  natural and healthier way to cook with the Traeger pellets in your Traeger BBQ or your homemade smoker.